Spring is here, Summer is just around the corner! Beef Jerky?

Don’t let long evening walks, evening baseball games, weekend hiking adventures, and bad food at outdoor picnics leave you hungry this year.    Beef Jerky is the great pick me up snack food!   Packed with flavor and protein, it is sure to leave you satisfied.  (Unlike Grandma’s dried out ham which sometimes is mistaken for Jerky  J

Order yours today and the trip to Grandma’s/In-Laws/etc won’t seem so bad while you are snacking on the variety of flavors we have to offer!!!

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Damage from “Solar Nails”

Have you every wondered how great it would be to have shiny beautiful nails everyday with little maintance?  No chipping of color, no coming off from washing dishes, etc?   I did!  So I took the plunge and headed to the local nail salon.  A little over an hour later….beautiful shiny “Solar Nails.”  I was thrilled!  After having the nails on for a little over 10 weeks I decided as beautiful as they were I wanted to go back to my real nails (which I might add were always very strong).  My reason for going natural?  Honestly I hated sitting at the nail salon for an hour and the smell….not exactly pleasant.  The removal process; which was done at the same salon:  I soaked (I believe in acetone) and when they were removed as I washed my hands my nails were extremely brittle.   Here I am almost 4 weeks later and my nails are weak, split, and ugly!  If this is the look after having Solar nails for 10 weeks, I can’t imagine the damaged caused in 1 year!  The damage caused far outweighs the benefits and beauty.  Research says Solar nails are better….better than what exactly?  Certainly not better than your real nails….  From now on I’ll stick with my natural nails and some pretty polish!  Smokeysticks Beef Jerky

Solar Nails Day 1

3 1/2 weeks after removal of Solar nails

3 1/2 weeks after removal of Solar nails

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Iphone 3gs repair: beef jerky

If your like most your cell phone is your life line. With the new iphone 5g as rumor has it, not hitting stores until possibly June 2011, it was time to take on the repairs myself.

Repair #1:  Battery. This was a challange and very tedious, but I did it and you can too! Through ebay I purchased a new battery for around $5 and followed the instructions in this youtube video.  Oh, make sure you buy a battery that comes with the tools.  Using the suction cup is the easiest way to get the iphone apart.   http://youtu.be/Pr6HWZa0dGM

Repair #2: Digitizer replacement. This is a great video that demonstrates the repair, same as 3g.   http://youtu.be/l-xxzKSzPJ0  However, on ebay you can buy the entire digitizer assembly with frame, ear speaker, etc. Which is definately the route to go and it only costs about $20.  Beef Jerky. For $25 and 2 repairs later my iphone is good as new! Yeah!! So, in June when the iphone 5g comes out the question will be to  iphone 5g or not??  Guess it will depend of what new features it has….

Oh, here’s a quick iphone apple fact for you….not turning off your apps drains your battery life.  So you ask, how do I do that? Well, if you upgraded your iphone to OS 4.0 you’ve probably noticed your battery doesn’t last as long as it used to.

The fix:

  • Tap the home button twice.
  • At the bottom of the screen you’ll see a row app icons. These are the apps that are running. Slide your finger to move forward or backward through the apps. Chances are you’ll have more than the four that first show up.
  • Touch one of the app icon’s and hold your finger on it until they all start wiggling. A small red circle will appear at the top left of the icon.
  • Tap on the red circle and the app icon will disappear. The app is now no longer running in the background.
  • When you’re done shutting things down tap the home button and the apps will stop wiggling.
  • Tap the home button again to return to your home screen.
  • These steps will work even if you are currently using an app. In other words, you don’t have to be on the home screen to bring up the row of running apps.

So, how many apps did you have running?  I hope you found my blog useful.  Please share with friends and try some of my delicious beef jerky.  My favorite flavor is the Pawnee Bills Hickory Smoked!  What is your favorite flavor?

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Hike “Hawk Mountain” & pack beef jerky

Did you ever hike there? Hawk Mountain is my favorite place to hike locally. Hawk Mountain Sanctuary is located in Kempton, PA and is the world’s first refuge for birds of prey. The best part is climbing, well more like jumping, across the “River of Rocks”. It is challenging but fun! The skyline trail leads from the Appalachian Trail and provides an overlook that offers great views of the migration. When there are a lot of bird watchers at the lookout area you are in for a suprise as you finish your climb up over the big rocks. I won’t spoil the suprise….see for yourself! With the birds migrating home and the trees starting to green this is the perfect time of the year for hiking. Don’t forget to pack along some beef jerky for a snack to keep you energized throughout your hike! Check out Hawk Mt. for yourself:  http://hawkmountain.org/

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Teriyaki and Maple & Spice Jerky is HERE!!

These 2 new very delicious flavors have finally arrived!

Visit www.smokeysticks.com today!  :)

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Coming Soon!!

2 new flavors of Beef Jerky coming soon!   Teriyaki and Maple Spice.  These are both very

delicious and bursting with flavor. www.smokeysticks.com

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Hello world!

Welcome to my Beef Jerky blog!

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