Hike “Hawk Mountain” & pack beef jerky

Did you ever hike there? Hawk Mountain is my favorite place to hike locally. Hawk Mountain Sanctuary is located in Kempton, PA and is the world’s first refuge for birds of prey. The best part is climbing, well more like jumping, across the “River of Rocks”. It is challenging but fun! The skyline trail leads from the Appalachian Trail and provides an overlook that offers great views of the migration. When there are a lot of bird watchers at the lookout area you are in for a suprise as you finish your climb up over the big rocks. I won’t spoil the suprise….see for yourself! With the birds migrating home and the trees starting to green this is the perfect time of the year for hiking. Don’t forget to pack along some beef jerky for a snack to keep you energized throughout your hike! Check out Hawk Mt. for yourself:  http://hawkmountain.org/

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  1. Judy says:

    Hawk Mtn is a great treat for the young and old. You forgot to mention that some of the trails to the overlook are “handicap accessible”. But, take the hike yourself first, only you can know if your “handicapper” can make it. But the view is “fantastic!”