Damage from “Solar Nails”

Have you every wondered how great it would be to have shiny beautiful nails everyday with little maintance?  No chipping of color, no coming off from washing dishes, etc?   I did!  So I took the plunge and headed to the local nail salon.  A little over an hour later….beautiful shiny “Solar Nails.”  I was thrilled!  After having the nails on for a little over 10 weeks I decided as beautiful as they were I wanted to go back to my real nails (which I might add were always very strong).  My reason for going natural?  Honestly I hated sitting at the nail salon for an hour and the smell….not exactly pleasant.  The removal process; which was done at the same salon:  I soaked (I believe in acetone) and when they were removed as I washed my hands my nails were extremely brittle.   Here I am almost 4 weeks later and my nails are weak, split, and ugly!  If this is the look after having Solar nails for 10 weeks, I can’t imagine the damaged caused in 1 year!  The damage caused far outweighs the benefits and beauty.  Research says Solar nails are better….better than what exactly?  Certainly not better than your real nails….  From now on I’ll stick with my natural nails and some pretty polish!  Smokeysticks Beef Jerky

Solar Nails Day 1

3 1/2 weeks after removal of Solar nails

3 1/2 weeks after removal of Solar nails

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5 Responses to Damage from “Solar Nails”

  1. Cindy Kell says:

    it will take awhile for your natural nails to come back to health, if they ever do. I have used salon nails for a long time and my nail have never lost the ridges and bumps from wearing falsies.

  2. Judy says:

    Looks to me like leaving your nails natural–just a little color, is better. What are you to do until all that ugliness grows out?? Even with colored polish on the nails you can still see the bumps/ridges. My neighbor stated her nails hurt for 3 weeks after removal. “keep it natural!!”

  3. Judy says:

    Keep it natural!

  4. daigoume says:

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