Thanks for visiting my blog!  I’m so excited to tell you about my delicious beef jerky! 

Did you know that beef jerky makes a great “on the go treat”?  Pack along these delicious meat snacks with your tent, fishing rod, and sleeping bag during your next camping, hunting or fishing trip. Beef Sticks and Jerky make a perfect nutritious snack when you’re miles from camp and hours from your next meal, in your lunch can, or just about anytime.

Smokeysticks.com has Pawnee Bill’s hickory flavor beef jerky, Weavers beef sticks in both mild and hot, and Smokeysticks which are also known as Buffalo Bills Extra Smokey.  Very soon smokeysticks.com will also sell a very delicious Teriyaki beef jerky and a Maple Spice beef jerky.  I can’t wait until the new additions arrive!  :)

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